Grade II Listed Parlour Wing

Badly neglected timber frame requiring complete restoration. Initial string survey and material analysis carried out. Line drawings were created and a detailed timber plan drawn up. Modern brick infills were removed and each timber was numbered accessed inset and where necessary carefully removed for repair or reinstatement. All carpentry was carried out onsite with traditional hand tools. Over 87% of the original frame was repaired rather than replaced.
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Detailed Planning

We provide traditional string survey to latest 3D scanning techniques. The restoration of a building requires detailed planning and careful record keeping throughout the project. All our services are in-house at every stage of the restoration.
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Terracotta inset stone

During rebuild of a London landmark the original terracotta insets (removed 20 years previously) were cleaned and reinstalled. Cleaning was by an in-house biodegradable formulation. No high pressure water system was used and they remained on the transport pallet throughout the cleaning process.
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Grade II Listed Farm House

Reinstatement of close timber frame, original porch and windows
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Grade II Barn Fire

Severally damaged roof, specialist restoration of main purlins and trusses. Replacement of 78 4m English Beam Oak rafters and wall plates. Hand made walnut stain blended to match new timbers with existing ancient timbers. Full internal and external restoration inc cleaning and reroofing of 20,000 Staffordshire Blue handmade tiles.
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Smoke Damaged hallway and box frame.

Restoration of Grade II property following longterm smoke damage and neglect. Non abrasive, non chemical removal of smoke layer. Timbers nourished with bespoke waxes. Original infill panels repaired and full redecoration.
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Soda cleaning of smoke damaged brickwork

Severally smoke damaged brickwork inc hazardous contaminants, techniques used included soda cleaning and deep organic solvents.
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Restoration on Grade II farmhouse

Full renovation / restoration of hallway including bespoke oak panel doors, restoration of timber box frame, traditional plaster infill panels and new solid oak flooring.
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A Passion for Restoration